FWS-About me

Hello lovely!

If you are reading this post, means you are someone who’s a free thinker, looks for a wild stuff and is extremely curious about the world around us. If you are one who tries to discover the world in all its colors – loving, meeting people, travelling, cooking, being sad, thinking, biking, reading, crying, enjoying ocean, looks at all the things around from a different view and with an open mind, then we are already friends.

I want this blog to be about some serious stuff and fun stuff, things that I would like to change and things that I admire, about living and learning.

No one has answers to everything, so I want to share the answers that I have found and the endless questions that I have. I wanna share my fears, experience, learning path and I want you to join my journey.

Welcome to my confused and restless brain!    🙂

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