Venice Beach – Inspiration For My “Ocean Collection”

Hi Guys!

I was looking for a theme for my new jewelry collection, so I went to Venice Beach yesterday (privileges of being location independent and not having an office job on Monday πŸ™‚ ). Not that I need any reason to go to the ocean, but this time I went alone to spend some time with me, to think about new colors and patterns of my new designs and, you know, to think about how to save the world.

Ocean is my most favorite place on our tiny dot in the universe and it’s a blessing that I can be there by just driving for 20 min.

Venice Beach - 3 (1)
The cozy fairy tale of lamps – Venice, CA.

Venice (originally called Venice of America) is not like any other beachfront city. It was made as a replica of Venice in Italy. It has a very European look and feel to it, so I go there, when I miss my time in Europe. Honestly, Californian Venice’s canals look greener, more colorful and smell better than the original Venice, that I saw πŸ™‚

Venice Beach - 16 (1).jpg
One of the Canal streets in Venice, CA.

Well, we have no gondolasΒ here any more, but they were here at the beginning.

Being built by white millionaires in the beginning of 1900-s as a copy of their home town in Europe, it was abandoned by LA city after their death and nobody really took care of it. It was too expensive to maintain and clean the artificial canals and it was a slum until 60-s. As the houses and living were very cheap, it attracted mostly artists and creative immigrants from Europe. That’s how it got its European artistic style and feeling, being so highly valued today in real estate market πŸ™‚

Nowadays Venice is one of the “happening” places in LA, especially after the opening of the Google’s new office in 2011. Canals are now surrounded by multi-million dollar designer homes and boats.

So, I walked for good 3 hours in Venice, breathing the crisp ocean air and looking to brave surfers, trying to catch the waves in the freezing water πŸ™‚

Venice Beach - 14
We all walk to the sun πŸ™‚

I’m always so amazed by the color palette of the ocean. It’s never the same and I can watch it for hours, creating patterns and designs in my mind.

Venice Beach - 7 (1).jpg
Just look at these colors. Isn’t this crazy?

And I’m definitely going to have these brown/yellow mix in my collection.

Venice Beach - 10 (1)
How many shades of brown do you see?
Venice Beach - 11 (1)
Wouldn’t you wear earrings like this?

So, I already started to work on my collection and I’ll have it ready-to-wear by the end of this week. Now the hard part is to choose how many of my design ideas are going to become real pieces and where do I stop when creating them? πŸ™‚

Ocean-and-beach-inspired color palette.

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